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America's Best Bike Shops Application 2014

The National Bicycle Dealers Association launched a new program in 2013 that rates bicycle stores in North America against the highest performance levels in the industry, with the goal of identifying and promoting America's Best Bike Shops.

America's Best Bike Shops celebrates excellence in bicycle retailing with measurable criteria in the areas of: customer service, knowledgeable staff, operational excellence, marketing excellence, community involvement, and bicycle advocacy.

Selected recipients are announced in the fall edition of Bicycle Retailer And Industry News magazine and honored at a reception at the Interbike bicycle trade expo at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Promotional material is provided to the shops recognized to assist in advertising to their communities that they have been acknowledged as leaders in the industry.

Thank you for choosing to apply for the title of America’s Best Bike Shop; a recognition that demonstrates excellence in the bicycle industry.

The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2014.


The Board of the
National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA)

PLEASE NOTE: We rely on completed applications for rating the applicants and determining the winners. It is important to not only answer each question, but to provide DETAIL on each answer so we can assign points. Applications are ranked based on the points total compared to an established criteria. We cannot award points for generalities so please take the time to be specific.

Also note: To protect against losing your data, we advise applicants to complete their answers in a word processing document first, and then paste it into this application for submission. That way if your session is interrupted, your data should be protected.

Business Name*
Zip Code*
Owner's Name*
Manager's Name*
Main Phone Number*
Secondary Phone Number
Email address for shop contact person*
Number of Stores*
Number of Employees*
Total Square Feet of Stores*
Customer Service 1*
List how you make the customer feel welcome or want to return to your store (such as customer greeting in person. responsiveness to customers on the phone, customer retention programs, etc.) Note: Customer appreciation events will be listed under the “Marketing” section of the application.
Customer Service 2*
List ways you educate customers (such as clinics, classes, etc.):
Customer Service 3*
List the extra services you provide for the customer (such as fittings, bike pick up and delivery, warranty, repairs, test rides)
Knowledgeable Staff*
List the training and continuous training you provide to your staff reg. bikes, nutrition, biking trends, staff experience etc. Does your staff ride or have personal knowledge of the products you sell?
Operational Excellence 1*
Systems: Please list policies, procedures and systems you have in place to manage your store. (Such as a POS system, inventory control, return policy, etc.)
Operational Excellence 2*
Staff: Please list ways you manage your employees (such as employee reviews, employee hand book, staff meetings, etc.)
Marketing Excellence*
How do you reach your customers and share information with them? How do they learn more about your shop, bike related activities, special events, and keep informed on what is new? Also include social media, e-marketing, etc. Include weekly rides, teams, and customer appreciation/retention events. NOTE: Organized weekly rides and team sponsorships are listed in this section. Participating in and organizing special event rides are listed under the Community Involvement section of the application.
Community Involvement*
Please list examples of your LOCAL community involvement. List charity participation, donation of bikes, public education campaigns, safety training for schools, rodeos, participation/organization of special riding events, corporate events, trail work. Are you part of a community business association?
Bicycle Advocacy 1*
Please list examples of how you promote bicycling on a LOCAL level, such as promoting bicycling in general, local trail conservancy, safe routes to school, bicycle friendly community, local cycling groups, Bike to Work Day, meet with local government on bicycle facilities, safety, etc.
Bicycle Advocacy 2*
Please list examples of how your shop is involved with NATIONAL advocacy programs. (Such as: PeopleForBikes, NBDA, National Bike Summit, IMBA, etc.)
What Sets You Apart?*
Tell us in 80 – 100 words what sets your shop apart from the rest. Note: this paragraph will be used in BRAIN magazine if your shop is chosen as one of America’s Best Bike Shops in 2014.
Mystery Shopper*
The NBDA will be doing our homework by sending Mystery Shoppers to the top America's Best Bike Shop applicants to check out store appearance, merchandising excellence, customer service, phone courtesy and overall customer experience. If you would like to receive a copy of your mystery shopping score card to use as a customer care improvement reference, please let us know by choosing from the options at right. Use the hyperlink to access the on-line catalog to pay.
No thanks, I would rather not pay for the Mystery Shopper score card.
Yes, I would like to receive my Mystery Shopper score card for $125.00. I will order this at www.nbda.com/goto/mystery
Please submit a photo of your shop or staff along with your application. The photos need to be approximately 5mg, and clear enough for magazine print. Note: applications sent in with out a photo will not be accepted. Send photos as attachments to: karen@nbda.com Please include brief description of photo at right.
Thank you!
Thank you for participating in the America’s Best Bike Shop program. The NBDA takes excellence in our industry seriously and strives to encourage each shop to provide the best customer service possible. Deadline: Applications must be received by March 31, 2014. Feedback for us?

Note: * indicates required information.