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Specialty Bicycle Retail Study

2013 Retail Study (PDF Only)

The 2013 edition of the NBDA Specialty Bicycle Retail Study presents an in-depth profile of the retail marketplace in the United States. It covers the 2012 calendar year, and includes projections from retailers about their views of the market.

The U.S. Specialty Bicycle Retail report was conducted in January 2013 and released in June. A random sample of 1,996 specialty bicycle retailers were invited to participate, and the study is based on 287useable surveys. The report is 193 pages long, including extensive charts and graphs. It is available only as a PDF file. The research was conducted by the Gluskin Townley Group for the NBDA.

Many key aspects of bicycle retailers are covered in depth, including location and size of store, product category mix, brands carried, marketing, average salaries by job position, technology and challenges in business.

Business confidence questions cover such areas as supplier relations, protected market areas, mass merchants, mail order, employee issues, and competition from the Internet and mail order.

Non-members may purchase the report for $399. Members of the NBDA may buy at the discounted price of $69. Older studies are listed in the on-line catalog and are available for a reduced price.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
State of the Specialty Bicycle Retail Channel
Definition of a Specialty Bicycle Retailer
Business Classification and Services Offered
Business and Owner Demographics
Performance of the Business
Impact of Economic Conditions
Factors Impacting Business
Business Challenges
Concerns about the Supply Side
Membership and Advocacy
Tradeshows and Events
Revenue Forecasts
Bicycle Inventory Levels
Revenue by Product Category
Best Selling Bicycle Brands
Operating the Specialty Bicycle Retail Business
Communicating with Customers and Suppliers
Marketing and Promoting the Business
Value of Services and Programs
The Urban Bike Shop
The High-End Bike Shop

Data Tables

Annual Gross Revenue
How Many Store Locations Do You Have
In Total, How Many SquareFeet Does Your Business Occupy
Do You Currently Have an Annual Budget for Your Business
Percentage of Sales by Category
Percentage of Bicycle Sales by Category
For 2012 Compared to 2011, What Percentage Was Your Business Up
For 2012 Compared to 2011, What Percentage Was Your Business Down
How Many Bicycle Brands Do You Currently Stock and Sell
Based on Volume, Which Bicycle Brand Is Your Best Selling Brand
Do You Use Your Customer Database as a Resource in Marketing
Do You Do Direct Response Marketing
Which Type of Marketing Programs Have You Used to Promote Business
Which of the Following Business Operating Functions Are You Supporting
Which POS Software Do You Have Installed
In Your Opinion, Are You Utilizing the Full Capability of the POS System
If Using POS System Are You Using Electronic Communication and Ordering
If Using POS System What Is Your Estimated/Actual Inventory Accuracy:
   Service Parts
Are You Planning to Evaluate and Purchase POS System in the Future
Does Your Business Regularly Use E-mail for Business Communications
With Whom Do You Regularly Communicate by E-mail
Do You Check Inventory Availability and Place Orders on Supplier Websites
Does Your Business Maintain a Website
Do You Engage in Some Form of E-Commerce on Your Website
What is the Primary Marketing Strategy for your Website
Which of the Following Online Activities Do You Participate In for Your Business
How Have Economic Conditions over the Past Six Months Affected Your Business:
   Revenue Has Increased
   Revenue Has Decreased
Given the Current Economic Conditions, What is Your Revenue Forecast for 2012:
   Revenue Will Increase
   Revenue Will Decrease
Bicycle Inventory for December 2011 Higher, The Same, or Lower than December 2010
Bicycle Inventory Too High, Too Low, or Just Right for Economic Conditions
Which of the Following Factors Have Played Significant Role in Your Business
As a Specialty Bicycle Retailer, Rate the Value to You and your Business:
   Business Management Training
   Computer Hardware/Software Advice
   Point-of-Sale System
   Mechanic Training
   Mechanic Certification
   Dealer/Store Certification
   Lower Cost Health Insurance
   Lower Cost Business Insurance
   Discount Credit Card Processing
   Assistance Developing Direct Marketing Programs
   Sales Training for Staff
   Mystery Shopping Service
Problems Faced by Business:
   Supplier Relations
   Protected Market Areas
   Fair and Equitable Dealer Agreements
   Competition from Mass Merchants
   Place to Ride Bicycles
   Competition from Mail Order
    Product Supply
   Competition from Internet
   Product Supply
   Competition from Other Bicycle Retailer
   Product Quality
   Competition from Full-Line Sporting Goods Retailer
   Increasing Costs of Insurance
Do You Belong to any of the Following Industry Associations
How Relevant Do You Consider the Interbike Show to Your Business
Which of the Following Events Have You Attended in 2012
Which of the Following Events Do You Plan to Attend in 2013
How Important is Advocacy to Your Business
Please Tell Us What Percentage You Put Towards Advocacy:
   Percent of Annual Business Budget
   Percent of Personal Time
   Percent of Staff Time (Paid For)
   Percent of Staff Time (Volunteer)
   Percent Towards Local Advocacy
   Percent Towards National Advocacy
Do You Consider Any of the Following Conditions a Problem:
   Product Available When I Need It
   Pre-Season Programs as Offered by Suppliers
   Suppliers Understanding the Needs of the Dealer
Overall How Confident Are You That Suppliers Can Provide Product When You Need It
Does Your Business Fit Within the Definition of a Specialty Bicycle Retailer?
How Long Has the Bike Shop Brand Been in Business?
How Long Have You Owned the Bike Shop Brand?
How Is Your Bike Shop Retail Business Legally Organized?
What is Your Gender?
What is Your Current Age by Range?
What is Your Current Age by Generation?
What is Your Race?
What is Your Ethnicity?
Are You a Husband-Wife Team?
Are You an Active Owner or Passive Owner?
If You Are a Passive Owner, Do You Employ a General Manager?
Do You Currently Carry at Least 80% of One Supplier's Products in Your Store?
Which of the Following Services do You Offer Your Cutomers
How Would You Best Classify the Focus of Your Business?
For Each of the Following Positions Please Check the Average Salary Range
   Sales Manager
   Service Manager
   Senior Salesperson
   Junior Salesperson
   Senior Mechanic
   Junior Mechanic
Do You Pay Any Employees a Commission?
Which of the Following Benefits Are Offered by Your Business?
In Which Region of the U.S. Is Your Business Located?

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