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The NBDA Supplier Scorecard allows independent bicycle dealers to rate their suppliers, those with control over distinct, consumer-recognizable brands (brand owners).

Dealers will grade companies A to F on characteristics like product availability, on-time shipping, order accuracy, sustainable margins, IBD channel support, control of distribution, warranty support, product quality and more—a total of 30 criteria. Average grades of suppliers will be made public, brands will be able to purchase detailed reports on themselves and the marketplace, and the identities of Independent Bicycle Dealers (IBDs) who take part will be kept confidential.

The program has two purposes: to allow IBDs to make better-informed decisions on who to do business with, and to give brand managers better feedback from their customers, the IBDs.

Until now, IBDs have had only their own experience with suppliers to go by, augmented by occasional, anecdotal comments by a few others. Now they will be able to consult the combined opinions of hundreds of IBDs.

Brand managers, for their part, will get feedback that is candid and relevant, representing as it does the sentiments of the IBD channel expressed without hope of reward or fear of embarrassment.

Press coverage and awards for the best-performing brands are planned.

Only independent, brick-and-mortar bicycle dealers can participate. Dealers can file their supplier grades now through the end of April on the 2014 with final report cards expected by June.

To participate:

For dealers: go to www.nbdasupplierscorecard.com, click on "Not Registered?" to create an account, register, log in to your account, and rate as many vendors as you'd like. At any time you can return to the site and log back in using the unique user I.D. and password you created, to rate additional companies. We expect it will take no longer than three minutes to rate a supplier.

For suppliers: if you'd like to be kept up-to-date on the progress of this program, and be informed of when reports will be available, just fill out the form HERE and we'll add you to the information list.


Applications are now being accepted for the NBDA America's Best Bike Shops program for 2014.

The program is designed to identify and reward bicycle stores in North America against the highest performance standards in the industry.

To be considered, a store representative (owner or manager) must apply by filling out a detailed application, as well as agreeing to be mystery shopped by an outside company. Applicants are awarded points based on the application and shopping results, with only the highest performers being selected.

The on-line application can be accessed here.

Applicants must be independent bicycle stores with a physical store open to the public that sells bicycles, parts, accessories, and has a service department. 50% of a store's total sales must be related to bicycles, and be from a physical store location.

The on-line application asks shop owners to explain what sets them apart from the competition, how they develop customer loyalty, and what they are doing to make their corner of the globe more bicycle friendly.

Click here to access a list of the 2013 America's Best Bike Shops.

Click here to review sponsorship opportunities for companies who want to support America's Best Bike Shops.


Discount internet retailing is a big challenge for brick-and-mortar retailers and the brands they carry. It is also a huge threat to the cycling consumer now and into the future, although they may not realize it.

That’s the conclusion of a new white paper from the NBDA entitled Commoditization and e-Commerce: How Specialty Cycling Can Beat this Techno-Economic Cycle.

Written by retailer Jeff Koenig with input from multiple sources, and supported with funding from the NBDA, the paper focuses on the increasing commoditization of specialty bicycle retail products as a result of Internet discounting and the inability or unwillingness of specialty brands to control their distribution.

The executive summary that opens the 77-page document notes, “The NBDA has prepared this white paper to discuss the onset of commoditization of specialty bicycle retail products, the harm that this is causing to consumers and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers,and to raise up potential approaches to address the problem.

“From the NBDA’s perspective, there has been an unhealthy shift of focus away from high quality/service retailers to low service/price ones. Because of this shift, full service, specialty retailers are disappearing at an alarming rate.

For more summary information, visit the Independent Bike Blog:


To download the entire document click here.


On September 18, 2013, Bikes Belong rebranded and changed its name to PeopleForBikes. The primary reason? To provide clear, easy-to-understand leadership for the U.S. bike advocacy movement under a single, powerful brand--one that has already attracted 770,000 individual supporters. The new PeopleForBikes will continue Bikes Belong's time-tested work to get more Americans bicycling more often. Bike industry suppliers and distributors will continue to pay PeopleForBikes (formerly Bikes Belong) Coalition dues, but the terms of PeopleForBikes retail membership have changed.

Retailer members will no longer be required to pay annual dues, but will commit to promoting individual PeopleForBikes membership (which is currently free for basic members) by displaying a point-of-purchase kit and by sending occasional emails to their customer lists. Retailers will also be asked to support the new PeopleForBikes Retail Roundup program in which customers are asked to round up their purchases to the next dollar to support PeopleForBikes and its efforts to improve bicycling for all Americans. PeopleForBikes has committed to doubling the retail roundup contributions that we collect and we will reinvest every dollar collected (up to $500,000 in 2014) to make bicycling better in the states where the contributions originated.

The new PeopleForBikes will continue to recognize all current dues-paying retailer members for a period of 12 months following their latest payment. New PeopleForBikes retailer member decals (and point-of-purchase display kits) are being sent (in early October 2013) to all current members.

The PeopleForBikes staff is available to answer all questions, comments and concerns. Please email Mitch Marrison of the PFB staff (mitch@peopleforbikes.org) or call him at (303/449-4893, ext. 416).

OutDoor Demo: September 8-9, 2014, Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, NV
Interbike Expo:  September 10-12, 2014, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

The NBDA endorses the industy's leading trade event, the Interbike International Bicycle Expo, held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Visit the interbike.com web site for all the details.  NBDA strongly encourages all bicycle retailers to attend this annual gathering of the industry.

The latest 2013 edition of the NBDA Specialty Bicycle Retail Study presents an in-depth profile of the retail marketplace in the United States. It covers the 2013 calendar year, and includes projections from retailers about their views of the market...

This is a detailed market overview of the bicycle market in the United States and worldwide in 2012.  It includes information on imports, exports, the cycling population, channels of trade, retailers, sales by product category, top bicycle brands and niche products...
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The NBDA represents the best in bicycle retail.  Want to read more about the association? Download our new brochure summary to learn more about how a membership with the NBDA can benefit your business.

Click here here to download our new brochure

  • Enhanced networking opportunities.
  • Access to bike market research.
  • Free entry to national trade shows and regional educational seminars (for dealers only).
  • Enrollment within the online NBDA Dealer E-Group (dealers only).
  • Discounted freight programs, credit card merchant accounts, and other retail business services.
  • You are a specialty bicycle retailer.
  • You are a bicycle manufacturer, supplier, or distributor.
  • You are a bicycle industry associate, affiliate, agency or sales representative.
  • You are an advocate or a bicycle advocacy organization.
  • You want to support the bicycle retailer of America.


Single-brand concept stores are not a guarantee of success. Many extremely successful retailers carry multiple brands representing a "best in category" focus designed with the needs of customers first. The product brands they carry are important, but secondary to providing the correct mix of products and services that best serve their customers, their businesses and their values.

The NBDA Independent Concept provides online tools and resources organized by key operational categories containing checklists, articles, best-practice ideas, examples, conversations, case histories, and more—all intended to help the individual retailer analyze their business and chart a course for improvement



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NBDA Commoditization and eCommerce
NBDA Commoditization and eCommerce

Discount internet retailing is a big challenge for brick-and-mortar retailers and the brands they carry. It is also a huge threat to the cycling… [more]

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NBDA U.S. Bicycle Market 2012 (PDF)
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NBDA 2013 NBDA Specialty Bicycle Retail Study (PDF)
NBDA 2013 NBDA Specialty Bicycle Retail Study (PDF)
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NBDA 2012-13 NBDA Cost of Doing Business Study (PDF only)
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