About the NBDA

The NBDA is a non-profit association promoting the interests of every specialty bicycle retailer in the United States. Each dollar raised goes towards funding member programs, and every program is approved by an active, elected volunteer board of directors comprised of specialty bicycle retailers.

Since 1946, the NBDA has represented the best in bicycle retail. If you are a specialty bicycle retailer, an NBDA membership will help your business grow.

The NBDA's Mission: To Strengthen The Specialty Bicycle Retailer

This mission is accomplished through...

  • Communicating the value and needs of the specialty bicycle retailer
  • Enhancing the specialty bicycle retailer's profitability
  • Promoting the passion for cycling.

Vision: Leading Bicycle Retailers to Excellence

This vision is accomplished through...

  • Education
  • Communication
  • Research
  • Advocacy
  • Member discount programs
  • Promotion of the specialty bicycle retailer

STATEMENTS FROM THE NBDA (click link to read):

> Statement of Values

> The Vital Role of the Local Bicycle Dealer

> The NBDA Supports Fair Sales Tax Legislation

> The NBDA Encourages Support for Companies that Support Independent Bicycle Dealers